Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Epic Adventure Number 1

Epic Adventure Number 1:  Not raging at any one or any thing.

Go teamwork!!  (yelled enthusiastically with one's arms in the air)

.....or not, in my case.  To be honest, I enjoy teamwork.  It means less overall work placed only on my shoulders.  At the same time, it gives me someone to talk to and off of whom to bounce ideas.  And lately, I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with people I get along with.  Even the strangest and potentially annoying people are fun in the field.  They help the day go by with...interesting...discussions.  So, I enjoy it.

Now let me throw some legit science your way:  many pregnant women get emotional.  Just read these stories.  You see, there are all these crazy hormones coursing through the pregnant woman's body and it is like PMS times 5...I may be conservative with that number, but there you have it!  

My emotions seem to range between perfectly normal to raging beast, and there was this one evening at home when I bawled for an hour, at first for no apparent reason....then because I didn't know why I was crying.  But, normally I am perfectly normal.  

The archaeological epic adventures start when I find myself working outside in the frozen tundra of West Virginia and a breeze hits me.  Then I go from calm and fine to grumpy beast.  

Like so:

Life is great!

Then, someone harmlessly says, "wow, I'm tired," and I'm like:

You're tired?!  @#$$%@#$!!!!!!!!

In the lab, I may be happy and normal, but then the scanner doesn't want to scan, and/or I can't find a pretty corroded hand-wrought nail to scan,  and then the computer runs slow, or that stupid marble won't sit still.  No, it just wants to roll around like a marble.  Then my poor co-workers ask me how it is going.....

Stupid marble, why are you round?!?!

I know I am being irrational, but dammit I just want that marble to stop rolling.  I guess all that's left to say is, "Good luck, World!"

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